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Precision Granite
151 North 14th Street
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

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Visit Precision Granite for your remodel and building supplies. Our home store offers a great selection of quality stone countertop materials including granite, soapstone, and marble. We also carry the cabinets to help put the finishing touches on your kitchen or bathroom style and remodel.


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Caring for the Tile and Stone in Your Home

Caring for the Tile and Stone in Your Home

General Care

Hoping for clean tile and stone in your home? I’m sure we all are, but before you dig into those cleaning supplies, read the rest of this. Your natural tile and stone are very different than the other surfaces in the home. They are brought in from the world around you and require a gentler solution than whatever you use to clean your mirrors and toilets. For daily cleaning, never use acidic cleaners, not even vinegar, because it can destroy your beloved surfaces. Anytime something spills an immediate cleaning is required to avoid stains on the grout. It is important to clean the surfaces regularly simply to avoid an un-cleanable layer of debris and dirt buildup.


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Depending on the natural porosity of the stone in question, coasters are an essential part of interacting with the surface. Condensation can leave to stains that are impossible to remove. Extreme heat can also cause issues and most stone and tile experts recommend using trivets under your hot pots and pans when in the kitchen. It does take a little bit of work to keep the beauty of tile and stone unscathed, but a little extra effort here and you could have a surface to last a lifetime.

Deep Cleaning

A good daily wipe-down for your tile and stone surfaces is ideal, but you are going to also need a deep cleaning schedule to keep your surface in top shape. The majority of stone used in the home is a calcium-based rock, this means that anything acidic in your standard household cleaners could potentially dissolve your surface. Avoiding this is simple; dish soap is typically pH neutral and can be used safely on any surface. Dilute with warm water and scrub. Experts also caution against using abrasive scrubbers due to the nature of most tile and stone. If you are diving in for a deep cleaning to your tile or stone surface, be sure that you have previously removed all dirt and debris from your surface. Trying to scrub while this is still present could scratch the surface in an irreconcilable way.

When deep cleaning your tile and stone, you should be sure to remember the grout. If this gets stained or discolored, you could be looking at an ugly surface overall. There are two types of grout that could be used in your home. Either you could be working with a traditional grout or an epoxy style grout. If you have a normal grout lining your tile and stone, then you want to make sure that it has been sealed. If it’s already been sealed, then you are going to have a much easier time cleaning it. If it hasn’t been sealed, then you are going to want to get it as clean as possible and have it sealed. The epoxy style grout does not require additional seal. At Home Expo Center-Precision Granite in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, we have a vast selection of beautiful surfaces for your home and the team to get them installed.




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