White Wolf Enterprise


White Wolf Enterprise
450 Lewis Street
Upstairs at the Club
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

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Moving Forward

I have had energy work done to me after finally getting out of a abusive relationship. My heart no longer hearts, and I can start to move forward once again to new beginings!


May 6, 2011

Gem Elixers

I just started using Gem Elixers. It is a wonderful thing to learn about, and the Gem Elixer's hit evrything that I need help with today in my life with my problems!


May 6, 2011

Ear Candling at it's Best

They use beeswax linen candles which provide the best results with no waxy smell or contaminants. If you have heavy ear wax or yeast this is the best treatment option. Works great for kids less abrasive and soothing.


May 6, 2011

Oils have helped my Family!

I have recently started using the oils, creams and hydrosols that April provides through her company, Soltarra Essences. My daughter has ADHD and everyone wants to put her back on medication. However I am against medicating my daughter. I prefer to find alternative solutions first. So I asked April and she gave me some Focus Oil. We started using it over the last several weeks and I got a note from her Special Ed. Teacher recently saying, "She was very alert and had a positive attitude. I've noticed an improvement in her focus and quality of work as well." This news makes me happy as it means that I do not have to worry about putting her back on medication again. I have also used the oils for other things like: bruises, pain, alert and awake, mood/emotional, balance (I'm a klutz! LOL), colds, and most importantly my daughter's bloody nose issues. All the oils have worked for everything, whether it be on me or my children. I am so happy to have an alternative, safe way to care for myself and my children, without having to rely on medications either over the counter or prescriptions. I really recommend giving the products a try, they are really worth it all around!


April 22, 2011

Soltara Essences

Best hydrosols cleanest and purest. We use them in many of our products


Feb. 9, 2011

April, A Leader, Teacher, Healer and Friend

When I met April, I was suppose to have seen a different person for energy work, my Guides knew what they were doing when they sent me to April. April has been doing connections and Energy work for most of her life, she is very intuitive, very connected. I had just started on my Spiritual Journey a couple years prior and much was happening to my body I didn't understand, as April worked on me cleaning my Aura, opening energy blockages and the overall cleanse, we found past lives and much toxins were being dropped into my system, she removed it all energetically.... I felt like a million dollars after she worked on me... I have made her my regular every month and more often when needed, energy healer, and psychic healer/ connection... April is the best addition that has happened in my life... I would never be where I am or who I am today without the help and Supreme Guidance that Devine Creator gives to April... I recommend April to everyone and have many of my family working with her on healing their lives and helping them to move forward on their Spiritual Journey. I find after she has worked on me, my clarity and energy is much deeper, I am able to see the bigger picture. Thank you April for being a wonderful Spiritual Healer, Intuitive. friend and Mentor.. We love you. Nameste' karen/healing waters run through.


Jan. 25, 2011

Very insightful!

I had a session with April and found her to be exceptional and insightful! The experience was very positive and gave me a lot of food for thought. Thank you April for doing what you do so well and for your thoughtful and caring nature that made me comfortable during our session.


Jan. 17, 2011

April Changed My Life

I can easily say, April Lugo is the most talented healer i have ever met. She has helped me thrive during high-risk pregnancies, she has connected me to my loved ones who have passed to the otherside, & she has shown more kindness, to more people, than i have ever seen from a human being before. Her compassion & dedication to her customers is boundless. In one conversation, April will bring you healing.


Jan. 12, 2011

Friendly and Great!

I've known April for a long time and I have to say that she is very knowledgeable about what she knows. She's honest, friendly and a great person to have in ones life. I look forward to learning more from her in the future.


Jan. 12, 2011


I am lucky to have met April and her family. She is most awesome!!!! If your doubtfull then get over it. Just go in and meet her. And you will see.


Dec. 30, 2010

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