Tacos Nayarit Mexican Restaurant


Tacos Nayarit Mexican Restaurant
2477 Main Ave
Durango, CO 81301

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By far the best mexican restaurant in durango! Authentic, delicious and the atomosphere is great! highly recommend!!


May 2, 2012

Great food with awesome flavor for a reasonable price!


Dec. 30, 2011

Best Tacos in Town! Delicious tacos. They're so good that's as far as I've gotten on the menu. My family was in town and this was their favorite eatery in Durango. Authentic and Delicious.


Oct. 11, 2011

First time's a charm!

Ate there last night for the first time--boy, have I been missing out! The staff takes a lot of pride in the quality and preparation of their food--apparent from first bite to last! (I actually wanted to lick the plate) Excellent food--if you haven't been yet, go tonight!


July 29, 2011

A hidden gem of Durango

This little family-owned restaurant is truly a hidden gem...one of those places visitors probably would never find, and even many in town don't know about it. The food is based on the Nayarit region of Mexico and is probably different than most have had before. The salsa is among the better I've had (most of the time...it does vary from visit to visit, so I assume they make it fresh rather than pouring it out of a bottle). The tacos remind me of taqueria-style tacos (served soft and flat, with very fresh toppings). Fish tacos are NOT fried, which is a nice change from nearly every other fish taco I've ever had. Some of the other unique offerings, such as a type of soup served in a coconut shell, have won over a number of friends as well. On the down side, meals are occasionally VERY salty, but despite this, it is still one of our most visited restaurants in town. My personal top picks lately: Guacamole (order early, or the fresh, homemade chips will be gone) Tostada de Ceviche appetizer Taco plates with any combination (although I'm preferring the fish and shrimp) Torte (Mexican sandwich) with chicken And don't forget to check the whiteboard when walking in for the frequent specials. Also, if you like a beer with your Mexican meal, you may have to wait a bit. The restaurant has been battling for a liquor license (due to their proximity to the high school)...I had heard that they had finally gotten approved, but haven't seen anything on the menu yet. Oh, as for parking, I'd recommend using their small lot, accessible from the street or the alley and right next to their small building. The animal hospital next door threw a complete nonsensical fit when we parked in their empty lot...despite not having any signs whatsoever indicating that they didn't like patrons of their neighbor parking there (guess where I WON'T be taking my pets in the future?).


Oct. 14, 2010

Authentic soft tacos

Delicious light and authentic tacos - the cheek meat is great. Just like you get from the taco stand in Baja!


March 12, 2009


This is a great place. Very clean inside. The food is always good, and fresh. A little place with big taste. The servers are great and always checking to make sure you are ok. One of my favorite places to eat.


Jan. 10, 2009

Fresh Food

Tacos Nayarit has fresh food that is very affordable. The employees at this restaurant are very friendly. The prices are very reasonable, and there are several unique items on the menu that you won't find at other restaurants in town. The size of the restaurant is quite small, but I've never had to wait to get a table. The atmosphere of the restaurant could be improved with nicer tables, chairs, and decorations.


Nov. 4, 2008

Hole in the wall Mexican food

A breath of fresh air among the overly priced restaurants throughout Durango, Tacos Nayarit offers the world traveller a taste of Mexico, and the Mexican native a taste of home. The menu comes straight from the Western Coast of Mexico where the locals dine regularly on fresh seafood, ceviche, homemade tortillas and some of the best beans you'll find in the world. Gracias a dios, Tacos Nayarit found its way to Durango, offering us a place to eat in the most basic of environments, practice our Spanish, and walk out without paying more than $10.


Oct. 21, 2008

Quaint Mexican Spot

This restaurant is small, and does not serve alcohol, yet it has the best burritos! It is fast, and without expensive beverages, your bill will be modest.


Oct. 16, 2008

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