Organizing Made Simple - Tracy Davoust


Organizing Made Simple - Tracy Davoust
2339 W 3rd Ave
Durango, CO 81301

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Tracy is a gem. Great communicator and coach. I believe she is the very best in the area and truly appreciate her support and guidance. ~bobi


April 30, 2012

Some people just have that .......................

You know that calming everything is OK feeling about them. That's Tracey. If you need your life organized and are just to embarrassed to ask for help, don't be Tracey is the one to call . She finds joy in helping people get it together. No increminations,just a helping hand.


Aug. 20, 2009

Tracy is the paper tamer!!

Tracy and her magical ways of seeing paper & procedures has revolutionized our office. The Paper Tiger software is the best thing since sliced bread with peanut butter & bananas and Tracy's patience and innovative suggestions have really streamlined our business. Anyone who is looking for more organization in their life needs to call Tracy!!


April 6, 2009

Tracy knows Organizing

<p>Tracy helped me with one of the systems she uses.&nbsp; I am using it for my wine consulting business.&nbsp; It has helped me keep my desktop clean and I know where to find everything.&nbsp; Tracy and I are in the same BNI group in Durango so I hear of the varied people she gets organized.&nbsp; She helps people downsizing their homes, staging homes that are for sale, as well as figuring out what to do with the garage full of junk or the attic full of old finacial records.&nbsp; I highly recommend Tracy for all your organizing needs!!!!</p>


Feb. 11, 2009

simplified our office

<p>Tracy is great at identifing bottlenecks in work flows and the cause of clutter to make your office look and run more professionally.&nbsp; If your desk is cover, if you cannot find something when you need to, you need to call Tracy</p>


Feb. 6, 2009

Getting Organized is Therapeutic!

<p>Tracy definitely knows organizing!&nbsp; She not only physically helps you organize your home, garage, office, etc, she gives you systems and tools to stay organized.&nbsp; She is great.&nbsp; I thought I was going to be embarrassed to show her my clutter, but she does not make judgements.&nbsp; She's all about helping you and improving your space.&nbsp; Thanks Tracy!!!</p>


Feb. 4, 2009

Many options for all types of people for organizing their lives.

Tracy Davoust has many resources to draw on, an extensive knowledge base, and the passion for getting people organized to pull off this newer career option. She works with her clients in their space and can quickly identify problems by looking around and asking a few questions. My challenge in working with Tracy stemmed from the fact that I'm not the world's best decision maker and having so many options to choose from was a bit overwhelming for me. Also some of the systems we chose for getting my office better organized felt tedious to the point that I haven't kept up with them. Probably due to my downfall not hers.


Nov. 10, 2008

Wow! In hours we cleared away 15 years of "stuff"!

I had two storage areas that were crammed with stuff that I wasn't sure what to do with, so, I just kept adding to the piles and slamming the doors shut. I engaged Tracy to help me using her "8 Hour Miracle". Was it ever a miracle!!! She did indeed make "smiles out of much smaller piles" and lifted the weight of 15 years off my shoulders. Incredible! Because of Tracy I've finally dealt with things instead of ignoring them. Without her, more years would have passed until I could no longer open the doors of the storage areas. Without her, it would have taken me WEEKS to go through everything instead of just 8 hours! She is incredible!!! You deserve her!!!


Nov. 4, 2008

Personal organizer

Tracy from organizing made simple does more than just straightens up your office. She creates systems so that you can keep you office or home in an organized, much less frustrating state. I have seen "her work" in action personally and would easily recommend her to anyone I know. She helped us move once and it made things so incredibly easy. When you are moving everything is a mess, you are stressed out and busy busy busy. Tracy came in with all her perfect boxes and packing paper and made everything so easy to get in and out of the boxes. When we got to our new house we had everything out of the boxes and in place within 2 hours! Normally random things would stay in boxes for weeks. It was the easiest move ever.


Sept. 29, 2008

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