Multipure Drinking Water Systems, Independent Distributor #375561


Multipure Drinking Water Systems, Independent Distributor #375561
15535 RD 35
Mancos, CO 81328

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george and autumn

We love the fresh tasting water and you can depend on Josh to provide the best service ever!!!


Sept. 11, 2011


My wife Dawn was suffering from cleaning chemicals used in the hospital where she was working. She had to quit her job, then we got hit with chlormine in our drinking water on top of the chlorine in our city water system. As soon as we purchased a shower filter and a sink top filter her skin started to clear up. She is doing much better now thanks to Josh and Multi-Pure.


May 29, 2011

Better than RO Water

I purchased my system from Josh 6-8 months ago replacing a reverse osmosis system. I find that the water from the Multi-Pure system has more flavor and better taste than the RO system. I also never run out. No waiting for a tank to refill. Joshua helped me in stall it and it was very simple. I was lucky and did not have to replace the faucet from my other system. I highly recommend this filtering system and purchasing it from Joshua Rank.


May 27, 2011

Very Satisfied!

I purchased my Multi-Pure last year and am very satisfied to have clean, good tasting water.


May 25, 2011

We love our water!

I am so thrilled with our Multi-Pure water system! Living in the country and dependent on a well for our drinking water has been dicey in the past. I love good water. Prior to installing the Multi-Pure system we had to haul drinking water from town, in plastic gallon bottles. What a pain and a waste of plastics. Then Josh came into our lives and changed everything!! I love my water now and it is so easy to access the slim faucet and at the same time fill a pot for cooking. We fill our metal bottles for hikes and have reduced the amount of plastics. Thank you Joshua!! This is the best system I've ever used


May 21, 2011

Very cordial!

Our distributor was most cordial and explained the assembly of the system and then demonstrated it.


May 13, 2011


Josh is great to work with. He follows up on questions promptly and is not pushy. I felt very comfortable purchasing my sink-top Multi-pur unit from him. The water filter itself is great. It's easy to install and use. It's nice to be drinking good water again (this coming from someone who grew up on yummy Pennsylvania well water. Thanks Josh!


May 3, 2011


Multi-pure water filters are remarkable. These are incredibly well-built devices and I have no doubt they will last for years. The filtering technology is impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the water it produces. Our family would think of drinking nothing else. Furthermore, with the new chemicals they have added our our county water system, multi-pure makes more sense than ever. We have the in-sink tap model and this is wonderful. By the way, the service from our distributor is also fantastic. I highly recommend multi-pure for every home.


March 29, 2011

A must have for good health!

We have used Mult-ipure filters for years, we have one in our RV, one at our place of business and one in our home. Our family has a lot of allergies to chemicals, so these filters really make life better for us. It also makes the best tasting coffee


Nov. 20, 2010

Great Customer Service!

Great customer service with our filter install. Creative, flexible to our needs, and friendly!


Nov. 8, 2010

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