Linda's Local Food Cafe


Linda's Local Food Cafe
311 W College Dr
Durango, CO 81301

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I ordered a vegan breakfast burrito, some chips and salsa, and a tea from this restaurant today. It cost me $17.10 and the portions were so small that I didn't get to take any of it home with me. Why did I eat here when I knew it was going to be so expensive? I ate here because they use food from local farmers. My burrito, however, did not have the green chili in it as advertised on their board. I kept my patience throughout the entire meal of what was mainly pinto beans, potatoes and spinach inside a tortilla. In the end, the green chili never materialized, and they barely gave me a thimble full of salsa to go with it. The chips and salsa cost $5.00, and the portion of salsa they gave me was about the size of two thimbles. The chips had the texture of eggshells and appeared to be overly cooked. For someone who eats locally grown produce and meats daily, this meal really let me down. :(


March 3, 2012

Best food in Durango

Best food I have had in Durango! Amazing tamales! Tons of flavor and I feel so energized after my meal. THANKS!


July 21, 2011


Kale - smells like mint chocolate! Delicious! Lots of possibilities.


July 21, 2011

Always great

I have ALWAYS loved the food, people, and ambiance.


July 21, 2011

Very Impressed!

I just ate at Cocina Linda's for the first time and I LOVED it! its fresh mexican food with a unique flavor, prob due to the quality of ingredients that she uses. You have to go!!


March 9, 2011

Squash blossoms

I couldn’t believe the sign in front of the Little Red Caboose, built on kitchen, dining room and outdoor patio which identifies Cocina Linda’s, the source of “dishes inspired by the soul of Mexico and prepared with ingredients from local farms of Southwest Colorado.” Linda lived many years in Mexico and absorbed the culture and cuisine. I believe her restaurant is a national epicurean treasure. Linda searches for the very best ingredients for all her dishes. True to her dedication to locally raised foods, Linda has “convinced the local farmers that squash blossoms are a crop, I have three fellows supplying us now.” Hence, the signboard offering this delicate and rare dish. Rare… unless you have access to very large gardens of zucchini plants and can spare the new blossoms preparation, Linda has arranged this for your dining pleasure. The last time I ate delicate squash blossoms, they were served on a china platter, on a linen tablecloth and on my Grandmother’s table. I made them a few times with Grandma Theresa, telling her that working with the delicate golden orange blossoms was like preparing butterfly wings. When I arrive in Durango, Colorado, I’m faced with the decision of which to do first: should I settle in my lodging or drive directly to Cocina Linda’s. Today Cocina Linda’s won. I bypassed my favorite fresh corn tamales for the irresistible squash blossoms. The first bite revealed three delicious layers; the blossoms were stuffed with creamy mild Oaxaca cheese, enclosed in Linda’s corn masa, lightly sautéed, golden crusted, the soft inner masa granules, tender and tasty, topped with fresh tomato chile sauce and grated tangy Cojita cheese. Heavenly! Guests arrived the following late afternoon. We headed for Cocina Linda’s colorful, casual dining room before the crowd gathered. We ordered pork tamales, green corn tamales, chile rellenos and of course fried squash blossoms, plus the best pinto beans ever and perfectly moist tender rice. Locally brewed M beer, non-alcoholic Zuberfizz and my favorite Mexican rice drink, horchata, star on the beverage menu. Head to Cocina Linda, 309 W. College Drive in Durango, Co. east of Albertson’s parking. You’ll be happy you did. Joanne T Amoroso, frequent Durango visitor, and resident of Green Valley, AZ


Aug. 30, 2010

A Great Commitment to Local Food...

It really is impressive how much local food this restaurant uses! I love her stand at the Farmer's Market too... you can often just turn-around and meet the farmer who grew the meal she is serving up! AND it's fantastic.. homemade salsas and the best tamales I've ever had. Cocina Linda can be found on the local food buyer's list:


May 11, 2010

rare fusion

Hey ya'll get into Cocina Linda. Indian Mexican fusion is back. A natural synthesis of two amazing food cultures right here in Durango. They are only going to be doing this for a couple of weeks so get in there now.


March 25, 2010

Local Paradise!

Cocina Linda is a small wonderful paradise of great local food in Durango. Linda, the owner, has created a wonderful menu of authentic Mexican food with a commitment to using local food whenever possible. Her food is delicious, the service always friendly, and prices are very reasonable. Then there is Linda herself, an absolute gem of a person who often greets her customers personally and has made a significant difference in the community with her commitment to local agriculture and volunteer contributions. Socially responsible, locally sourced, and delicious! What more could you want?


Dec. 22, 2009

Locavores' Delight!

Cocina Linda is a delightful, unpretentious restaurant serving sublime handcrafted food with an emphasis on healthy, natural ingredients. Linda, the owner, is passionate about her ingredients and her products, and uses as many local ingredients as she can, such as James Ranch grass-fed beef and local organic greens. She is an innovator, so her fare includes Mexican favorites, but also fusion dishes such as Indian-inspired curries. This is not the place to come if your idea of Mexican food is a "big ol' plate of greasy enchiladas," but if your preference is for delicious, fresh, REAL food, give this place a try! Locals' favorites include the tamales (try the corn & zucchini version with the tomatillo salsa), the tortilla soup (best with all the extras - the optional chipotle purée pushes it into the realm of Nirvana for those of us who prefer a bit of heat), and the fabulous molé.


Oct. 22, 2009

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