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Joe Clair | Keller Williams Realty | Southwest Associates
700 Main Avenue
Durango, CO 81301

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We were thrilled with Joe and our decision to sign him as our agent was an excellent move on our part. Joe is: •extremely dedicated •informed & up to date •educated •thorough communicator •professional & •personable Ultimately, our real estate story was so unique that other agents were telling us, "I've never heard of that before". We were living 1,400 miles away from Durango and without Joe in Durango as our life-line, I cringe to imagine what might have happened. There may not be enough room on this page to say how much we appreciate him and his complete embodiment of professionalism and personality. He adeptly navigated a very difficult transaction which involved both the complexities of real-estate law as well as the temperaments of all involved parties. We thought Joe was impressive when the sailing was smooth … then we truly grew to appreciate how formidable he was when the "storm" hit. Obviously, we are very grateful for Joe’s hard work and dedication to the successful sale of our home.


June 3, 2015


Joe Clair is not only intensely dedicated his work but he is a kind man who is genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of his clients. This combination of personality traits makes him an outstanding realtor and upstanding citizen of Durango. You would be in good hands if you put your faith in Joe Clair as your realtor!


Sept. 2, 2014

Integrity and great service

Joe Clair is a professional real estate agent that will get your property sold. He takes care of business.


Aug. 6, 2014


Joe Clair takes the time to do the research needed to enable you to buy or sell your home in an efficient and smooth manner. He puts forth the effort to inform and educate both buyers and sellers. Joe understands that by having the right people on his team he can offer his clients top notch service. Put Joe on your list to talk too. You won't be sorry.


June 16, 2014

Unbelievable knowledge, integrity and customer concern!

I am a loan officer at Pine River Valley Bank and have personally worked with Joe. He puts his customers first, has the knowledge and ability to find any answer necessary and works incredibly hard. Joe knows the importance of what he values and is a great father and husband. There is no better realtor within 100 miles of the Durango area that I know of.


June 11, 2014

Thank you Joe!

If not for Joe, we would not feel as confident and happy as we do that we made the right decision to invest our money in a house. I am a first time home buyer and after interviewing multiple realtors and mortgage lenders and not finding people that I felt comfortable working with, someone recommended Joe Clair. Our first few meetings were all about getting to know each other and education- about the market, what we really wanted, and if we were ready to buy. From then on, he helped us to find the right home, the right mortgage lender, and was always on hand to answer all of our (many, many) questions. Joe is not just another realtor trying to close a deal, he is a person whose highest priority is helping others.


Aug. 16, 2013

Joe Clair | Keller Williams Realty | Southwest Associates:

Yay! Thank you so much Anneliese, I am glad you are happy at home!


I have known Joe for 9 years as a realtor and a friend. What I have watched is Joe help to solve problems and stumbling blocks. Bring your concerns about selling, buying, affording your home to Joe. He will guide you toward realistic solutions.


Aug. 15, 2013

Primary objective: helping people

Joe Clair is passionate about helping people. His first priority is to make the buying/selling process easy, and do what is right for his clients. Every experience I have had with Joe has been pleasant, moral, and ethical.


Aug. 15, 2013

Thanks Joe!!

Joe is an extremely competent real estate professional and an amazing person to work with. We first met Joe a in 2011 when he was referred to us by friends and found me and my family the perfect house in Bayfield. The transaction was smooth, easy, and as a new home buyer, he really spent the time to explain things and work us though the whole process (despite our modest budget). Two years later we were relocating to Denver who did we call? Joe came in and advised us of what we needed to do to prepare the place for the market and within two weeks were under contract for a great price! He is extremely knowledgeable about the local market and knows how to negotiate on both sides of the table. Joe has always been a great person to work with professionally and personally and would strongly recommend him. As I always told him; Thanks Joe, your the Man!!


July 25, 2013

Excellent service for inexperience buyer

When I first met Joe, I was a young, inexperienced buyer and was concerned with being taken advantage of by a realtor. However, Joe took the time to understand my personality, real estate interests, and goals before even discussing specific properties and markets. Once we identified markets I would be interested in, Joe was very patient in the showing process. He was quick to send over relevant listings and I didn’t feel any pressure to go above my price range. I was personally in a low pressure situation and only wanted to get to know the market by visiting places rather than entering into a contract quickly. This would frustrate many realtors who have busy portfolios, as Joe does. However, Joe was more than happy to educate me through viewings and didn’t pressure me to make an offer unless he felt I was ready and it was a proper situation. When we did offer on a place, Joe was very diligent about the various contract options and explained the rules of the game. Joe did a good job of helping with price points, but also listened to what my comfort level was. I did not end up buying any properties before deciding to return to school for my graduate degree. When I told Joe, he was understanding and happy for me. Not once did he display any frustration despite all the time he spent would not lead to closing on the purchase. For these reasons, I believe Joe is a top flight real estate agent, an outstanding member of the Durango business community, and a good person. I would highly recommend Joe’s services, particularly for younger people looking to learn about the market as I did.


July 3, 2013

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