Gardenswartz Sporting Goods


Gardenswartz Sporting Goods
863 Main Ave
Ste B
Durango, CO 81301

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Poor Service

went into the year's eve...looking to buy some snow boots and could not get any service and this is despite 3 workers behind the counter who would rather talk to each other about the party they were gonna go to tonight and the how the skiing was gonna be so great because of the powder DMR got today.....bought my friend some cloths and one of them had the nerve's to wanna bag with that? (Me) Like Dude, I am gonna strip down and wear this cool stuff out of here....NOT! Do I want a bag? talk about man, now I gotta bag this too! overwork and underpaid...any business people who read this just might want to check out their own stores because what I experienced today-this is common and no doubt causes a lost of some tourist, probably not going to matter...they probably will never come back to here is a good way to improve your business...have your employee's provide good service..


Jan. 1, 2013

Love the warm welcome I receive every time I walk into Gardenswartz! Everyone is very friendly and helpful too. I needed mosquito netting and rain ponchos in February and of course, I found them at Gardenswartz Sporting Goods.


March 12, 2012

the best

Gardenswartz is simply the best. I always find what I need and the staff is very helpful.


Feb. 23, 2011

Found exactly what I needed!

I have been searching for a specific carabiner...they had just the one I wanted. Yippee!


Oct. 28, 2010

Love the gear

When we first moved to Durango it cost me $100 every time I went in to the store. Now that I own one of everything it's better.


June 25, 2009

Helpful, Friendly Staff

As a new fly-fisher woman I was impressed with how encouraging the staff was. They went out of their way to explain and help me find what I needed. I was further impressed that they sent me to another local store when they didn't have something I was looking for. I truly felt they had my interests as a customer in mind. Thanks for the great service!


June 23, 2009

They Gotta Lotta Stuff!

I love browsing through the camping gear, hiking gear and socks in this place-there is just so much great stuff and not enough wallet! Prices are fair, a tad more than online but less than another large outdoor retailer in town. I wish they had more men's clothing items though and sometimes the employees can be a little rambunctions and annoying. I've been offered help by employees who seemed stoned, and when the 3 people at the register are quoting Chris Farley lines at full volume, I start heading for the door.


Feb. 12, 2009

forget on-line shopping....

I recently went to purchase a Kershaw knife on-line. I had spent about 2-3 hours researching the exact knife that I wanted, without actually touching it. When I finally picked out the knife I wanted, I went to Gardenswartz to actually see it and touch it. I wasn't planning on buying it. When I got to Gardenswartz I was suprised that the knife was the same price there as on-line! Take out shipping and it was actually cheaper to buy it locally, and I could get it right away. Well, to my benefit the sales rep was really into knives and made a recommendation to me on another knife he preferred over the one I was going to buy. After telling a bunch of people about my experience, locals agree that there is no need to leave Durango for outdoor gear. You'll get the same if not better price at Gardenswartz.


Aug. 28, 2008

Outdoor gear and home security all in one.

I love living in a town where a sporting goods store has enogh guns to outfit a small militia. Gardenschwartz is good old time Durango. Boots Gloves Hats, Maps, Freeze Dried Food, even boats sometimes.While a little more fashion oriented than Backcountry Experience, Gardenschwartz is still a credible outfitter. Their convenient on Main Ave and they usually have a few things on sale.


Aug. 27, 2008

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