Dentist John A Rothchild DDS PC


Dentist John A Rothchild DDS PC
175 Mercado Street
Suite 115
Durango, CO 81301

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Both my kiddos have been seeing Dr. Rothchild for years and they LOVE going to the dentist!! This office has an amazing staff, all the gals are super sweet. For kiddos that come in for cleanings they can enter a drawing for beautiful stuffed animals! So bring the kids in for the next visit...or don't we have won twice! :) I almost forgot...Pay cash and get a discount!!


Sept. 5, 2012

The Dentist worth traveling to When my Dentist, Dr. John Rothchild retired from his thriving practice in Illinois to move to Colorado, I found out that I could not find a similar dentist to pick up where he left off. After much research and many bad experiences, I finally realized in order to have the best dental care for my health issues; I would have to travel to where my dentist moved. Since I have to deal with Hashimoto's disease, multi-chemical sensitivity, TMJ and allergies, I knew that I needed the holistic dentist who would be able to work with me. There are many talented holistic dentists but where can you find a dentist that will do acupuncture if you have a reaction from the local anesthesia, an ozone injection in your jaw bone if you have an infection and a cranial adjustment to avoid pain - all in one visit? Well, based on all of my research, there is no other dentist in the country who can do all of these things. You would need to see "3" different doctors. Dr. Rothchild’s work is excellent and I still get compliments from other dentists on the bridgework he did 4 years ago. I was so afraid to go anywhere else and regardless of how sick I felt, I saved all eight of my cavities and two leaking mercury fillings for him. During my last appointment, I had my mouth open two times for duration of 6 hours. Because he uses mercury-free procedures, I did not feel ill during the amalgam removal. I left his office with no pain, no side effects, no nausea and really cool auricular acupuncture pins in my ears. Buzzwords for Buzztown: Much more than a dentist.. Mercury-free holistic, highly skilled and knowledgeable, cutting edge education and modalities from Europe and he is a Naturopath, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, an Activist for our Health... with compassion and lots of heart to boot. If you have to travel to see Dr. Rothchild, it will be well worth your trip to Durango.. God Bless Dr. John Rothchild for all his studies, all his research and all he does to help his patients.


July 22, 2012

Dr. Rothchild is absolutely excellent! I called about a serious cavity and not only did he and his staff take care of me, they did it in an awesomely professional, prompt and relaxed style. Zero pain, awesome atmosphere... bottom line, awesome dentist. Don't go anywhere but here!


June 18, 2012

I had 4 fillings removed because they were metal. Everything was done perfectly. He is always very professional!


April 19, 2012

Dr. Rothchild took me during his lunch hour when my cap broke off. I walked out with everything fixed. Thanks.


Feb. 27, 2012

Whew! I feel secure in my healing process, whereas before I came here, I was in distress and dispair.


Feb. 27, 2012

Awesome! Well cared for!


Jan. 24, 2012

He's the only holistic dentist in town! Great service.


Nov. 2, 2011

Took great care of me!

Dr. John did such a great job repairing a crown of mine that came off. Hr got me in on a really short notice and I am so grateful. His new office rocks too!!!


July 25, 2011

Professional Atmosphere

John Rothchild and his whole staff are extremely professional and are excellent at making you feel relaxed and comfortable. I have experienced John's work through Lanap gum surgery. It was very successful and I felt very little pain. He is extremely thorough in making sure his work has been successful by follow up both with calls to your home as well as follow up visits in his office. I highly recommend John's professionalism.


June 29, 2011

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