Cyprus Cafe


Cyprus Cafe
725 E 2nd Ave
Durango, CO 81301

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Not worth the price.

Not what I expected for the price.Why you ask?1) Pork chops were rubber. And MAYBE under cooked.2) Chicken was dry.3) Staff needed a peronialty.4) And the menu was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of date. We don't have this and we don't have that.I really expect better for the price. I just enjoyed a lunch at a chain place and was waaaaaaaay happier.So sorry to write this, but dim are the facts.Oh BTW thie is all true.


April 26, 2014

Don't bother ordering lunch salmon was so small. I thought maybe there was another piece underneath. Lots of salad, but little substance. When you can count the number of almonds, or strawberries, that's pretty bad. $18.00 for a lunch entree is pretty steep, even in summer. Service is a "down your nose" kind of attitude. I won't be going back!!


Aug. 15, 2012

When I first arrived, they ignored me and kept me waiting for 20 minutes without even acknowleding my exsistence. I tried to get their attention but they could care less. I just know that they could care less about working there and they have no care for the customers. I am glad that after 30 minutes of standing around, and being ignored that I never got to try their food. That was probably for the best.


Aug. 10, 2012

Delicious food - awesome service - beautiful and clean presentation.


Feb. 13, 2012

The Cyprus Cafe should be proud of what they are doing-starting with sustainable and fresh local ingredients and complementing the flavors with creativity and sophistication. A perfect pairing of earthy and classy. Fantastic service too.


Feb. 12, 2012

Evening made even more special because of Shari, our wait staff!


Feb. 4, 2012

Always enjoy the food and if you are lucky enough to get Shari as your server, its like watching an artist. Visited last night and was impressed to watch her effectively and graciously handle all the tables.


Feb. 4, 2012

I love the wines by the glass selection and the Chicken Voskou! It is so tasty! The servers are also very attentive and are knowledgeable about the healthy menu items and where the products come from locally.


Jan. 16, 2012

I always enjoy myself at Cyprus Cafe. The food is unique and everything I have tried so far is delicious. The cute atmosphere always adds to the experience. Plus, their cocktails are amazing!


Oct. 27, 2011

Very inconsistent. I had a good experience there this summer for a work lunch, despite being busy, we got our food in a timely manner, good service and the food was tasty. Went there this last weekend. Service was very slow, they were out of what we initially ordered but weren't told until we were ready to order, then people who ordered after us got their food first and our food was barely warm by the time we got it. I had told my husband how good it was and now he will never go back.


Oct. 17, 2011

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