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Brainstorm Internet
640 Main Ave
Ste 201
Durango, CO 81301

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Great Staff, Unreliable Service

I've been with Brainstorm for over a decade. In the early years I would rave about their company. Great service, great staff. In the last several years their service reliability has gotten kinda bad. Not sure if they expanded too fast or what. I will say that their tech support staff has always been great to work with. They call when they say they will, they give updates, they're pleasant. Like the header says; great staff, unreliable service.


Dec. 28, 2014

worst service ever!!!

This is the most unreliable internet service I have ever seen in my life you would be better off buying dial up at least you would be able to use the Internet for one been paying for 5 mgs and barley get 3 according to tech when you pay for 5 you get anywhere from 3-5 number 2 there service is literally down every other day or every 2 days and when you call them for help all they ever say is I will call you back and usually never do. DO NOT USE BRAINSTORM INTERNET WORSTE COMPANY EVER!!!!!!


Nov. 30, 2014

Tech Heaven

I have had nothing but superlative service from the tech crew at Brainstorm. They are courteous, patient, never talk down to me and invariably solve my problem. One employee actually came in on a Sunday to diagnose an ailing modem. Recently Ken talked me through the various actions required after CenturyLink slammed me and reassigned itself as my ISP. I'm with Brainstorm for the long haul.


May 28, 2013

I have had great technical support from the crew at Brainstorm, especially from Ken Mohrman, who helped me connect my internet router. These guys are good! Gene Giddings


Sept. 14, 2012

Strange experience with Brainstorm. I contacted them because I liked their flexible options. I worked out a possible plan with them and they said they would contact me once a modem arrive so I could pick it up at their office and start service. I was told I would be contacted in about a week. Four weeks later I they left a message on my phone stating that the modem has been sitting in their office waiting to be picked up. Meanwhile, I had left the state unexpectedly for a work project and was not able to get the message until a couple of weeks later. Also, because of the lack of contact, I had assumed they would not be able to provide me service. No big deal. Anyway, I was finally able to check their message and returned the call and stated that I was sorry for the confusion but I would not be needing service and had never actually signed up for service. Despite that, I received an email the next day saying that I owed them for two invoices! And this after having never actually signed up for service or seen/signed any sort of service agreement. Very disappointed.


Jan. 26, 2012

Personal Tech Support!

The reason I stay with Brainstorm is the personal technical support. Support staff has been useful to me on a number of occasions and makes the small extra charge worth it. Thanks a lot. Donna Dignan


June 22, 2011

Dan is Top Tech

Dear Neal, I have been a Brainstorm subscriber since Frontier began in Durango, and have always relied on your wonderful customer service and technical assistance. Today Dan provided support that went above and beyond the typical questions. I am out of town due to a death in the family, and brought a new work laptop to the hotel. Unfortunately, being unfamiliar with this computer, I found myself unable to type, much less log onto the internet. After researching this model, Dan took me step by step through a process that allowed me to reboot so I can use technology when I most need it. Please know that your staff and special attention to customer service is the reason I would never consider changing internet providers. Dan went above and beyond in every way today; if you recognize employees and the high degree of skills they provide, Dan certainly deserves kudos. With appreciation, Gretchen Wilson Durango


May 6, 2011

Jason, you are a shining star!

Comments : To Brainstorm: I want to tell you what a great employee you have in Jason. No matter what my crisis may be, he has always guided me through, and came out on top. He always calms my anxiety about my computer ignorance. Thank you Jason, you are a shining star. :)


May 4, 2011

Got a live person on the phone!

He was able to identify the problem. Spent quality time trying to fix the problem.


March 18, 2011

Greatly appreciated Dan's work!

Couldn't see how it could have been better.


March 18, 2011

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